When leaders in Quitman County, Mississippi realized that their 1973 zoning ordinance was no longer producing the type of development the community was looking for, they contacted the Carl Small Town Center to re-write their code.

Working with local leaders and community residents to understand the community’s development goals and objectives, the CSTC developed a new zoning ordinance that provides more opportunities for mixed-use development, a broader range of housing types, commercial design guidelines, new building codes, and a streamlined administrative process. The entire ordinance is more user-friendly with easy to read tables, charts, and illustrations designed to be more accessible.

Currently, the CSTC is working with the Quitman County community to take the next steps toward implementing the new ordinance. After adoption by the Quitman County Board of Supervisors, the CSTC will assist in the creation of a new planning commission and will help train commissioners, county supervisors, and Quitman County staff as they work to guide Quitman County growth and development.